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December 2020 Newsletter


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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at OwlGaming! We hope you've all been enjoying the festive nature of the server with the snow and Santa Claus visiting us at Legion Square!



As always, we encourage everyone to take a look at the script suggestions, public roadmap, and most importantly, our Mantis to report bugs. Your contributions as community members in these ways help us tremendously prioritize features and fix or find bugs in a timely manner.


We'd like to welcome back @Jer to the OwlGaming scripting team! The time he has given to helping Owl has been fantastic and his abilities as a scripter have time and again helped create and improve new features and fix bugs. We're glad to have him back and look forward to seeing him around for much longer. Skol!


Script Suggestions


Mantis Bug Tracker


Public Roadmap


We've had three big updates in December alone. If you haven't seen the latest, go ahead and check it out HERE and HERE. We introduced the latest GTA:V update, Cayo Perico, which has a whole new island to roleplay on, new vehicles and boats, weapons, offline notifications, loading improvements and more.






Administration Updates

In the last month, we've opened game administration applications. Let's give a warm welcome to @Excyted25 @JustJeff and @xmatryx1! Last but not least, @Vubstersmurf has been promoted to Head Administrator! Vubster's promotion should come as no surprise to anyone who's been with us the last year. Her determination and persistence in coordinating big events, helping test scripts, and manage the administration team, and helping players have been made this decision to promote her the easiest to date.


Stealing Vehicles

During our most recent UAT meeting, we began the process of developing a system admins may use internally to allow for a more in-depth way to steal vehicles. Increasing the realism while not sacrificing the fun as well as allowing players to sell these vehicles and their parts so that they may make money directly from stolen vehicles. Some of the nitty-gritty details are still being worked out, however, we want to encourage realistic criminal roleplay that everyone can partake in. For example, a rumor might be circling Los Santos (or Cayo Perico!) that a certain vehicle is in demand to be exported or chopped, or a certain vehicle model may be more vulnerable to ECU hacking than another vehicle. Those vehicles stolen then can be chopped for scrap, parts, or entirely exported, depending on the demand, connections you have available to you, etc.


Stolen vehicles being more common will create more interaction between legal and illegal RP, and give criminals a safer way to commit crimes, without having to use personal vehicles. We hope this will be done by the end of the year (a week or so) and are always open to user input so we can make tweaks and changes, so if you've got ideas, let 'em be heard.



We wanted to have a special mention to those who have spent considerable amount of time creating interiors for members of the community to use. Having custom interiors enables players to truly have a more unique experience and be able to have their houses/businesses as they want them, as well as creating their own personal maps to show off their skills to the community. 


Special thank you to @ashamar @Crane @Mutt377 @ShadowSix and @ZandO for their continuous work!


For those of you who would like to submit maps for use for the community, you can submit via this link here.


We have an in-game map uploader so you can upload your own maps, simply click on the interior key in your inventory whilst outside your property in order to upload it (Please note it costs 500gc's to upload!).


Character Stories

We always love reading character stories, so we want to use this newsletter to highlight three of the newest. Writing character stories always seems to make you more involved with your character, thinking of the details, caring more for your character when you take dangerous actions, building a rich story ultimately not just improves your roleplay experience but others as well through osmosis. We'd highly recommend everyone who likes writing to give it a shot and let others see what you can create.





The last one in particular by @Misuzu is a good read, written in sequence, with multiple paragraphs. There's certainly no lack of content to check out there.
















Grand Theft Auto V


Experience a world with lore that is changed by player actions. Shape the future of San Andreas with gothem-like crime, or the tight clutches of law.

Reinvented San Andreas

Experience the sprawling San Andreas map, over twice the size of the original. Explore the big city or enjoy solitude in the countryside.

Frequent Updates

The active development community around GTAV means you get updates fast and without a worry as you are automatically updated upon entering the server.

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Your existing OwlGaming account works across all games, keeping you connected effortlessly. All premium currency is shared across all our games.

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Detailed roleplay by text with certain factions using mic means the best of both worlds. Keep the kids off the mic and become immersed.

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Emphasis on User Interfaces over generic commands means less scratching your head trying to remember the right command, and more direct input.

How to play

Make sure you meet the System Requirements and own the game.

  • Download and Install RAGE Multiplayer
  • Search for OwlGaming in the server browser or connect directly to
  • Create an account in game and pass the application!

An account can be shared across any OwlGaming games as well as the website. Please note that the Roleplay Application must be approved before you can play.

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