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OwlGaming V 1.7.1 | Blackjack, Mailboxes & Rappelling | November, 2020

This update adds in Blackjack, Mailboxes and Rappelling!


Features & Adjustments

  • Blackjack
    • This feature is considered Beta currently
    • Up to 4 participants can play at one table
    • You can obtain Blackjack tables via the furniture store. Place the furniture in an interior for a dealer to appear.
    • The property owners/faction will need to individually stock tables with currency by interacting with them.
    • You can also remove house winnings via the same interaction menu
    • If the house cannot cover ALL player bets, players will still win/lose money, but the house will make no wins or losses
    • Added 5 new Blackjack achievements
    • Removed default Blackjack tables from casino interior
  • Mailboxes
    • Properties now have a mailbox storage container associated with them.
    • Mailboxes are accessible by double tapping E at the property entrance
    • Property key holders, or faction managers will be able to add and remove items from the mailbox
    • Players without the above access, can only add items to the mailbox / deliver items.
  • Rappelling
    • This has been live for a bit, but we soft launched it / never officially announced it
    • Players can now rappel from helicopters
    • This is also possible from civilian helicopters
  • Extra helicopter seats
    • Enabled players to sit in the back 2 seats of a helicopter not typically accessible in singleplayer.



  • 0004007: Fire extinguisher don't seem to work anymore.
  • 0004012: /oldveh doesn't recall vehicle




Helicopter Extra Seats & Rappelling:



Helicopter Extra Seats & Rappelling:


Helicopter Extra Seats & Rappelling:


Helicopter Extra Seats & Rappelling:


Helicopter Extra Seats & Rappelling:

















Rappelling #1:


Rappelling #2:






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