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Server Script Update (v1.6.6) | Masks & Beards | May, 2020


This update adds in masks and new beards.


Additionally, be sure to check out the roadmap! Lots of cool things are being worked on, such as drug grows, etc.


OwlV Roadmap

OwlV Bugtracker


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Features & Adjustments

  • Added masks

    • For premade characters, visit a general store and buy a mask item.

    • For custom characters, visit a clothing store and select your mask of choice

    • Masks appear in the Clothing tab of inventory and are worn/removed like normal clothing items

  • Added more full beards

    • For existing characters, visit a barber shop

    • For new characters, use the character creation tool like normal

  • Clothing items now show "Being worn yes/no" instead of "true/false"

  • Increased price of Declasse Brutus V1 at the dealership

  • Increased price of Declasse Brutus V2 at the dealership

  • Increased price of Declasse Brutus V3 at the dealership

  • Decreased price of Annis Kawaii at the dealership


Masked Person icon



New Beards:





- OwlGaming Community

- OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels, Eloquent)

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How to play

Make sure you meet the System Requirements and own the game.

  • Download and Install RAGE Multiplayer
  • Download the Owl launcher from this link or connect directly to in Rage after adding a file named enable-clientside-cs.txt in the install directory.
  • Create an account in game and pass the application!

An account can be shared across any OwlGaming games as well as the website. Please note that the Roleplay Application must be approved before you can play.

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