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September 2020 Newsletter





Script Updates Galore!

Over the last few months, our development team has been hard at work, releasing a new major script update nearly every week for a very long time, with various hotfixes and small bug patches in between. Scripting a server with as many features as we do, from scratch, is a monumental task, thanks to @Daniels @Chaos @Yannick @Jer and @Courtez! We encourage everyone to continue to make use of our script suggestion forum and our public roadmap. Community involvement and suggestions are important to use in figuring out the priority of certain features.


Script Suggestions


Public Roadmap


Yannick, Jer, and Courtez have been tremendous in contributing to many of the most recent features, allowing Daniels to work on lots of other things like performance enhancements and difficult bugs. These include...



  • Generics
  • Generic Mover
  • Several UI's including for /animlist
  • Mobile Banking
  • Manual Gears for vehicles


  • Languages
  • Animation work such as /coin
  • Faction Badges
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Locksmith
  • Handbrake for vehicles / seatbelt sounds


  • Reskinning every UI to a dark theme
  • Marijuana production
  • Car crusher


Generic Items

One of the major features that have been released recently which we're quite proud of and want to showcase specifically is the generic item system, allowing players to place chairs, tents, or any other kind of item they can imagine in their home, properties, or even outside. All without needing any special permissions, approval, or donator perks! These generic items will be purchasable in-game very soon, but for now, any admin can assist you in spawning them. Moving these items around is also easy and they may be locked, to prevent powergaming tampering with them.


A comprehensive list of generic items can be found HERE.

An example of placing a generic item.



Outfits & More Clothing

Lots of players have been requesting a way to save and manage multiple outfits without needing to micro many multiple pieces of individual clothing to get that exact look you want, so we've delivered. This is another big feature recently that we're excited about and we hope will be a major quality of life improvement. We've also added a bunch of new clothing pieces to compliment the outfit update.






Open Hoodies


Biker Jackets

Baggy Shirts

Hoodie Under Jacket

Hood Up Hoodie

Front Zip Hoodie


Button Up Shirt

Thick Jackets

More Shirts


Special thanks to @Crane for bringing these clothing additions to our attention.


Farewell Jer

Recently, Jer has decided to step down from his position as a scripter. We all wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and cannot thank him enough for his contributions to the server during his time with us.


We hope to continue to see you hanging around the Discord!


Starter Packages & Community Stat Transfers

We wish to remind everyone that we offer faction starter packages and server transfers, to help facilitate roleplay as soon as possible when someone joins our server. When we say we're a serious text-based roleplay server, we mean it! We don't want assets to be a major limiting factor in what someone can roleplay.


To get started with a faction starter package, make a Faction Team Contact HERE. In the contact, you'll be able to explain what kind of faction you intend on making, how many people you are bringing with you, what kind of assets you'll need to roleplay your faction adequately from day one (properties, vehicles, guns, etc.) and the Faction Team will be in touch shortly to help sort out the details.


If you've put time and effort into other roleplay communities and wish to join OwlGaming without having to start from scratch, fear not! You can transfer your assets from other servers, with certain restrictions. We would rather someone with a lot of roleplay experience on V put their time and energy into creating roleplay in the server, rather than having to focus on getting money for their first few hours. Assets that we readily approve for transfer are properties, vehicles, and money, up to a certain limit. You can do this by submitting an Upper Administration Contact form, HERE. Simply describe who you are, offer proof of your assets in another community, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible to sort out the details.


We're actively looking into automating these processes in-game, so players who do not check our forums know about these options.


Community Events

Vubstersmurf hosts events nearly every week with her company in-game, Sabre. Big thanks to @QueenC ItsMelodyy and @ashamar for also creating these events! In addition to this, admins are actively encouraged to create roleplay events and scenarios in-game for players. If you're a player and you have an idea for an event or a scenario for an admin to create or facilitate, don't hesitate to send them a PM! In addition to solving any disputes or issues players may have, we are encouraging our admins to act like dungeon masters and make roleplay scenarios more interesting or create them from scratch to give players a chance to meet each other and roleplay together.


Many of these events are announced through advertisements that are displayed in our #in-character Discord channel and our forums.














Thanks @DxRK for the most recent rally event!



Grand Theft Auto V


Experience a world with lore that is changed by player actions. Shape the future of San Andreas with gothem-like crime, or the tight clutches of law.

Reinvented San Andreas

Experience the sprawling San Andreas map, over twice the size of the original. Explore the big city or enjoy solitude in the countryside.

Frequent Updates

The active development community around GTAV means you get updates fast and without a worry as you are automatically updated upon entering the server.

Existing Accounts

Your existing OwlGaming account works across all games, keeping you connected effortlessly. All premium currency is shared across all our games.

Text-Based Roleplay

Detailed roleplay by text with certain factions using mic means the best of both worlds. Keep the kids off the mic and become immersed.

Just Point & Click

Emphasis on User Interfaces over generic commands means less scratching your head trying to remember the right command, and more direct input.

How to play

Make sure you meet the System Requirements and own the game.

  • Download and Install RAGE Multiplayer
  • Search for OwlGaming in the server browser or connect directly to
  • Create an account in game and pass the application!

An account can be shared across any OwlGaming games as well as the website. Please note that the Roleplay Application must be approved before you can play.

Having issues? See our Troubleshooting Guide and Beginner Tutorial.