Farewell, OwlGaming

Until We Meet Again

OwlGaming has a long history of delivering fun experiences on roleplay games. It is our bread and butter. The community that we have grown has fostered international relationships from across the globe (some even meeting their lifelong partner through Owl). Started by Maxime in 2014, Chaos took the mantle in hitting record high player counts on MTA and the development of our GTAV server.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to break into the GTAV market significantly enough to sustain ourselves. We have made the difficult decision to shut down the GTAV server. There is no single reason for this. We do not feel that the current script is something we develop to a point we are happy with. For this reason we have chosen to open source both the MTA and GTAV code. We welcome developers to contribute to those projects and make them the standard for roleplay communities on MTA and RageMP. The server was finally shutdown on July 12th, 2021 at 11pm UTC after running since January 2014.


  • OwlGaming Community
  • The final OwlGaming Upper Administration Team (Chaos, ThatGuy, Wright, Daniels, Vubstersmurf, ItsMelodyy, Courtez)


You can keep OwlGaming alive, in your own unique way, by using our code.

OwlGaming GTAV

OwlGaming MTA

Unfortunately the OwlGaming UCP will remain closed-source due to licensed code.


Stat Value
Total Characters 58,778
Total Hoursplayed 1,880,705 that’s over 214 years
Total Character Money $734,743,867
Total Faction Money $193,717,662
CK’d Characters 10,371
Total KM driven (not including deleted vehicles) 485,840,212,325
Stat Value
Eleanor Swafford $16,907,358
Thomas Mengele $16,186,133
Rebecca Zicardi $12,540,394
Alejandro Vallarino $8,934,744
Stat Value
Dexter Collins 4619 hours
Rose Zhukova 4505 hours
Dean Bozic 4291 hours
Nick Deimous 4157 hours
Paul Parker 4036 hours

Over 50 million lines of logs created. Imagine how many roleplay moments have been captured.

Stat Value Who
Most Cars 21 Alexander Shads (xmatryx1)
Most Properties 10 Leona Johnson (QueenC)
Most Achievements 58 ItsMelodyy
Most money $9,299,923 Giannis Kuzma

Below are per-account, not per-character

Stat Value
Broke the $1 million mark 22
Played in LS 1481
Joined PD 82
Joined FD 39
Joined a faction 343
Created a faction 171
Got fined by a cop 93
Jailed by a cop 46
Got shot by cops 68
Visited Uganda 19
At a taco 326
Taught Vubstersmurf how to speak English 47
Won at blackjack 23
Lost at blackjac 24
Got blackjack 18
Got blackjack with 5 cards 10
Got caught on a speed camera 92
Vistied Cayo Perico 46
Stat Value
ItsMelodyy 180 days
Vubstersmurf 137 days
DxRK 80 days
QueenC 56 days
christianoi 46 days
Players who played over 30 days total 18


Some of us are doing something new, something different at Paradise Gaming. You’re welcome to join us there where we intend to revisit roleplay again someday. We’re in no rush to get there and intend on building a well-rounded gaming community first.

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