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OwlGaming V 1.7.7 | Character Looks & Bug Fixes | February, 2021


This update adds /look and many bug fixes!


Features & Adjustments

  • /look [player] and /setlook allows you to clarify aspects of your character's appearance that are not evident from their Grand Theft Auto appearance.
  • Added towing faction duty spot
  • Added /towtruck to request a tow from on duty towtruck drivers.
  • Moved inventory actions to not be within a dropdown
  • Added /showinv for administrators



  • Not reported 
    • /uat command
    • /setfactiontype command
    • Fix properties purchased with credit sometimes being recognized as token purchases
    • Remove error messages from toggling sirens with F7 so it can be bound to other things by non-PD members
  • Reported by @Vubstersmurf
    • BUGS-3951: /clearnearbytags doesn't work
    • BUGS-4055: Fix SMS screen auto-scroll to bottom of messages
    • BUGS-4064: Fix respawns not respecting dimension
    • Hide world prompt when world items are locked in place
    • BUGS-2485: Hide inventory UI when consuming a drink item
    • BUGS-3653: Only allow a player to make 1 advertisement per 5 minutes
  • Reported by @ItsMelodyy
    • BUGS-3654: Add /deltag and /nearbytags
    • BUGS-4002: Give LSPD duty a FLD
    • BUGS-4002: Allow administrators to give a tier 2 license with /givelicense
    • BUGS-4054: Allow administrators to drop legal firearms
    • Add weapon attachments to be spawnable for illegal factions
  • Reported by @GioSerpo
    • BUGS-4046: Don't take seeds when unable to add planted pot to inventory
  • Reported by @Express
    • BUGS-4038: Fix automatic speed cameras always showing unknown plate
  • Reported by @ThatGuy
    • BUGS-2283: Replace bail with fine
    • BUGS-1642: More consistent periods
  • Reported by @QueenC
    • BUGS-3716: Disallow on duty administrators to disable private messages
    • BUGS-3957: Show who placed an item in /nearbyitems
  • Reported by @Incredible 
    • BUGS-3526: Show how much XP is remaining to level up when fishing






Coming soon...

  • Mechanic Job
  • More customization options for vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto V


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How to play

Make sure you meet the System Requirements and own the game.

  • Download and Install RAGE Multiplayer
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  • Create an account in game and pass the application!

An account can be shared across any OwlGaming games as well as the website.

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