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OwlGaming is a roleplaying game community based on a Grand Theft Auto modification named Multi Theft Auto.

OwlGaming is a long-term roleplaying project introduced on January 1st, 2014, with the ambition of housing well-experienced roleplayers and put them under our wing; we intend on bringing roleplayers the best of experiences in their roleplaying career for as long as possible!

Our development team consists of professional programmers and the most experienced scripters in MTA RP servers in recent years. With a strong and stable development team, our MTA server script is continuously improving and growing.

We possess over a well-developed and matured script which not only serves as a major attraction to our server, but to increase the joy our roleplayers gain from staying at Owl.
■ Feb 04, 2016: Resolved a bug regarding faction's 'free custom skins' perk.
■ Feb 04, 2016: Fixed a GUI bug in Map Manager -> Management where you were unable to disable an implemented map after loading it for a client test.
■ Feb 04, 2016: Futher more optimized map loading mechanism for faster loading speed.
■ Jan 17, 2016: Changed maps loading approach.
■ Jan 17, 2016: Fixed bug where you could hear others /c and /w if at same coords but different int or dim.
■ Jan 16, 2016: Brought back mapping team in staff roster.
■ Jan 16, 2016: Removed donation perk ID 37 (Offline message), it should be now always free.
■ Jan 16, 2016: Hotline and ID cards for Astro Corporation.
■ Jan 14, 2016: Map Manager - Launched for stress testing and experiments.
■ Jan 14, 2016: Map Manager - Segment #5 (Implement/Disable mapping functionalities; Created yet not implemented new alternative map loader replacing MTA's default loader)
■ Jan 14, 2016: Map Manager - Segment #4 (Exterior mapping addition request Accept/Decline functionalities)
■ Jan 13, 2016: Map Manager - Segment #3 (In-game preview tools for Mapping Team)
■ Jan 13, 2016: Map Manager - Segment #2 (Rabid map loader/unloader for Mapping Team; Structurally reorganized mapping systems)
■ Jan 13, 2016: Map Manager - Segment #1 (Basic map loading & testing mechanism)
■ Jan 11, 2016: Attempt #1 to fix MDC system issues. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=705 & http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=707)
■ Jan 10, 2016: Faction Custom Skin is now compatible with multiple factions and functioning properly again. To upload and manage faction's skins, your faction must have this perk set by FMT and you have to visit Dupont HQ while being faction leader and being on faction duty. (http://i.imgur.com/oxWN0a5.png)
■ Jan 08, 2016: Ability to opt-out of insurance policy at DMV and other insurance improvements.
■ Jan 06, 2016: Removed /showfactions, /makefaction, /renamefaction, /delfaction; Created & implemented Faction Manager, accessible via F10 or by typing /factions.
■ Jan 06, 2016: Temporary fix for characters disappearing from char selection
■ Jan 04, 2016: Maps for Ace Street Locos and Liverpool Hoover.
■ Jan 03, 2016: Updated Idlewood Tarrace map.
■ Jan 03, 2016: Bank of LS and Legal Corporation hotlines
■ Jan 03, 2016: Bank of Los Santos ID card
■ Jan 02, 2016: Duffy Transportation hotline
■ Jan 02, 2016: Insurance system bugfixes
■ Jan 02, 2016: Wearable police riot shield
■ Jan 02, 2016: Sharp Towing hotline
■ Jan 01, 2016: Maps updates (Cargo Group, Verdant Bluffs tolls, Red County monastery)
■ Jan 01, 2016: Added Legal Corporation ID
■ Dec 29, 2015: Added Sharp Towing ID card
■ Dec 28, 2015: Added vehicle interior for Cargobob. 0000584
■ Dec 28, 2015: Sound when taxi drivers receive new fare
■ Dec 23, 2015: Completely removed SACMA's mapping. Added Idlewood Tarrace map. (Appproved by mapping team; SS: http://puu.sh/lOZtq/05f89e51f2.jpg)
■ Dec 13, 2015: Prison System Revamped
■ Dec 03, 2015: Default Snow Density lowered to 1000
■ Dec 03, 2015: Santa Hat Giveaways from Santa
■ Nov 28, 2015: Snow!
■ Nov 23, 2015: Allow people who are not activated to change their account email without confirmation.
■ Nov 23, 2015: Added buffalo strobes
■ Nov 23, 2015: Reconning an admin that is reconning will switch you to who they are reconning.
■ Nov 23, 2015: Prevent people from using high beams with P strobes
■ Nov 23, 2015: Prevent people from changing lights with P strobes on.
■ Nov 21, 2015: Removed the ability to /pay an admin reconning you
■ Nov 21, 2015: Improved recon system, faster camera loading, not bugs on interiors, no shadow, no longer can see the admin for a split second
■ Nov 14, 2015: MDC now supports Rapid Towing accounts. RT members with MDC (You must have mobile data terminal item inside vehicle inv) can release vehicles from MDC. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=144)
■ Nov 13, 2015: Fixed a language bug in NPC's conversation dialogs.
■ Nov 13, 2015: Fixed a bug that you could not /shout through interiors on occasions due to a bug in language system.
■ Nov 13, 2015: Reworked the core of MDC System so that multiple factions can be supported within MDC system (Experimental); Improved overall performance; Created /makemdcaccount [Partial player name or ID] [faction ID] [level; 1=normal, 2=admin] for UAT and scripters.
■ Nov 11, 2015: You can no longer be able to upload custom interiors when your account is being banned. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=134)
■ Nov 11, 2015: Uploading custom interior will now leave admin note on /checkint. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=64)
■ Nov 10, 2015: Added SAN Contact Us functionality with various checks, removed photograph job (we don't use it anymore); Added Job information button.
■ Nov 10, 2015: Fixed an issue that you were able to add yourself as friend, causing issues in social system.
■ Nov 10, 2015: Revamping Report System - Part 1. Combined hotkey F2 into F1.
■ Nov 10, 2015: Improved 'F1 - Help' performance. Created server cache and redone client cache.
■ Nov 10, 2015: Removed forced knock-outs.
■ Nov 10, 2015: Improvements for vehicle manager GUI. (http://i.imgur.com/su40k31.png)
■ Nov 08, 2015: Improved the core of Delivery Job system. Attempt #1 to fix unreliable supplies drop off mechanism. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=575)
■ Nov 07, 2015: Fixed MDC system's APB box and GUI malfunctioning. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=602)
■ Oct 27, 2015: Created and implemented on-screen APB box on all LEO faction's vehicles or vehicle with Data Mobile Terminal installed.
■ Oct 26, 2015: Fixed cellphone's messages cut off before max length. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=174)
■ Oct 26, 2015: Fixed Flashbang, Glowstick, Ghettoblaster & Speaker items malfunctioning. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=516)
■ Oct 26, 2015: Fixed door rams & snake cam item malfunctioning. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=516)
■ Oct 26, 2015: Dupont Fashion Updated: New ability to delete manufactured clothes to free up slots if there is no clothes items existing anywhere in game that using the design.
■ Oct 26, 2015: Improvement for server logger: All item movements are now logged with exact coordinates. (Example: "Angela_Vy -> ~World #133999 - Generic Item - object:2625 @ (-863.66718, -139.27159, 58.810646) in (int 0, dim 0)" )
■ Oct 25, 2015: Fixed malfunctioned command /setinttomyfaction. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=567)
■ Oct 25, 2015: Fixed UCP Statistics - Faction table malfunctioning. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=568)
■ Oct 20, 2015: Fixed 'first bullet freezing' issue. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=427)
■ Oct 19, 2015: Reworked vehicle park and autopark. Patched an exploit where vehicle autopark could bypass the parking restriction zones.
■ Oct 19, 2015: Fixed USMCR's badge image. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=559)
■ Oct 19, 2015: Fixed a bug that you could not start DoL bikes after passing theory test in DMV. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=388)
■ Oct 19, 2015: Fixed vehicle manager where it failed to inherit vehicle library's handlings upon unique vehicle creation. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=521)
■ Oct 19, 2015: Granted VCT leaders access to /checkveh, /delveh and /motd.
■ Oct 19, 2015: Reset last used on vehicles those don't have engine (BMX for example) by getting on it instead of starting engine like other vehicles. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=550)
■ Oct 18, 2015: UCP now supports multiple factions.
■ Oct 10, 2015: Created basic BBCodes usable on Support Center. (http://i.imgur.com/YKGx2DU.png)
■ Oct 10, 2015: Added a FMT rank in game.
■ Oct 10, 2015: Forced clickable links on Support Center to open in a new tab.
■ Oct 06, 2015: Initiated staff performance tracker; Updated 'Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation' url on UCP.
■ Oct 05, 2015: Created trial admin+ cmd /gotoitem [item id] to teleport to item by item id from in server log.
■ Oct 05, 2015: Fixed a bug that you could not start DMV's bike after finishing the theory test.
■ Oct 05, 2015: Initiated map manager. Created scripter cmd /exportinteriormap [Interior ID] to recreate the raw .map file from an uploaded custom interior. (http://i.imgur.com/nvDkm1o.png)
■ Oct 02, 2015: Created trial admin+ new cmd: /extendmaxchar [Partial Player Name or ID] to allow players to extend their characters cap from 30 up to 200 with a proper reason without having to spend GCs. (https://forums.owlgaming.net/index.php?showtopic=34105)
■ Sep 29, 2015: Removed arm crossing animation on Dupont NPC while previewing clothes.
■ Sep 27, 2015: Fixed faction notifications.
■ Sep 26, 2015: Fix for "Y" and radio.
■ Sep 26, 2015: Montalvo and Map fixes
■ Sep 26, 2015: RBS and Interior system fixes.
■ Sep 26, 2015: Resolved a /gotoplace output bug (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=471)
■ Sep 26, 2015: Limited /ads when in jail.
■ Sep 26, 2015: Multi-Factions
■ Sep 18, 2015: Removed battery feature for aircrafts. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=444)
■ Sep 12, 2015: Fixed keyless digital lock malfunctioning. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=448)
■ Sep 12, 2015: Fixed /nearbydancers. (http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=437)
■ Sep 12, 2015: Fixed file system bug that using the same URL for vehicle texture more than once would fail.
■ Sep 05, 2015: Force /editlook on new characters.
■ Aug 25, 2015: Fixed an exploit where you could still shoot one round after running out of ammo. ( http://bugs.owlgaming.net/view.php?id=408 )
■ Aug 25, 2015: Admins & Supporters on duty can see usernames on scoreboard.
■ Aug 24, 2015: Redesigned Login Screen.
■ Aug 23, 2015: Fixed safe's model. (http://i.imgur.com/lUTZ3T9.png & http://i.imgur.com/ANGwL2s.png)
■ Aug 22, 2015: Reworked Interior System: Improve overall performance, increased loading speed, loading all interiors is now ~2889 times faster than it's used to be. (~7 minutes -> 0.14535 second); Reworked resource loading preview HUD that now offers a lot better performance; A few tweaks for item world loading: Loading speed is now 6 times faster than it used to be (~6 minutes -> 1 minute).
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